We work hard to unlock and monetize value for our clients. We seek to achieve that by first examining our clients' hedge strategies and work with them to eliminate any structural inefficiencies. We also monitor global markets for dislocations that could be additional opportunities for cost reduction.

Our most significant value-add opportunities lie in companies that use or intend to use derivatives to manage their market risks. We target transactions where small adjustments, at the right time, would yield significant monetary benefits.

LionSide is an adaptive investment and hedge advisory firm. We do not limit ourselves to particular strategies or asset classes. We think through the possibilities to see where and how our skills can unleash intrinsic value.

We are independent and we take our fiduciary duty very seriously. We are true to our word and do right by our clients. We provide our clients with advice that is in their best interest. We strive to deliver not only economic benefits, but also an emotional experience that builds towards a long-term relationship with our clients.

With over 15 years of providing derivatives and risk advisory to large cap corporate clients across most industries, we have the experience to deliver unparalleled service while taking your needs into consideration.